WholeTrees June/July 2021 Update


University of Maine:

Architect: DPA Design
GC: CW Driver
Engineer: KPFF

WholeTrees Playscape Elements 3D Asset Update:  WholeTrees staff have been hard at work revamping digital resources to help our clients better visualize playscape elements as they fit into their designs. Seen here are an aerial view of the new structure models and some of our favorites from the group. 


Madison Children's Museum: Several platform structures built out of locally-harvested tree columns that are woven together by ramps, climbing structures, and custom staircases in production at our Westby facility. These structures will be part of the soon to be completed Wounderground Exhibit at the Museum, scheduled to fully open this fall.

Architect: Design Coalition
Engineer: Engineering Ventures

Burkett Farm: WholeTrees is excited to produce sustainably harvested black locust trusses for the Burkett Farm outside Cary, North Carolina. The mission of the farm is to provide a gathering space that provides a learning and educational environment for strengthening local food systems. Seen here are images from the team at American Pole and Timber who are fabricating these massive trusses.

Architect: REdesign.build
GC: REdesign.build
Engineer: KPFF Seattle

Hitchcock Nature Center: Our Westby team is hard at work building trusses for the Hitchcock Nature Center in Pottawattamie County, Iowa. The completed project will help to promote meaningful experiences in an effort to spread awareness and recreation in the Loess Hills.

GC: Morton Buildings
Engineer: Engineering Ventures


Madison Children's Museum: WholeTrees salutes the Wisconsin Capital as we deliver, pre-engineered piece by pre-engineered piece, a magical Wonderground for the Madison Children’s Museum. Thank you to Owen Hoffman for supervising this impressive installation project as it draws awe from spectators all around downtown Madison. Check out the article in the Current Events section below for video clips and interviews from the impressive installation. 

Architect: Design Coalition
Engineer: Engineering Ventures

Finish Shots


Lakeridge Middle School - Lake Oswego, OR: The stunning school in Lake Oswego, OR brings biophilic structural round timber to the Lakeridge Middle School. Existing trees removed from the project site see new life as pre engineered structural columns in the new school. Oregon White Oak, Sweetgum, and Scarlet Oak trees are used along the exterior covered entryway and in the interior commons space. WholeTrees used 3D scanning technology on each tree before and after removal to facilitate the design process and ensure the best possible use of each tree. We love seeing the completed modern and yet natural education setting that the below teams helped to create.

Architect: Mahlum
GC: Skanska
Engineer: KPFF

Houston Zoo: Our tremendous thank you to the Houston Zoo for their permission to share these images from the WholeTrees visit on a rainy day in June of 2021. Derek Mayhew, VP of Operations and Michaela Harms, VP of Strategic Initiatives managed to get a tour from the Project Manager herself and captured these lovely shots of the finished exhibit. We have it on good authority that Derek's new best friend, the Emu, approves.  

Architect: Studio Hanson Roberts & Brave Architecture 
Engineer: Engineering Ventures
EOR: MLA Engineering
GC: Tellepsen

La Crosse Riverside Park Bandshell: This iconic WholeTrees project was captured full of life and shining brightly in the La Crosse landscape this summer.

Architect: Roald Gundersen Design
GC: La Crosse Rotary
Engineer: SCL Consulting


WholeTrees sales and prodcution teams travel to Ashland, ME: With summer travel back for the WholeTrees team, Derek Mayhew, VP of Operations, Richard Senior, Architectural Sales Rep, and Greg Cabral of Original Mass Timber Maine converged in the stunning Northern Maine woods for in person facility tours, visits from Moose, and precious time spent together in the forest.

WholeTrees Travels to Oregon: Amelia and Michaela travelled in July to visit Timm Locke and attend some meetings we are excited to talk about soon. More Moose were spotted in the Pacific Northwest as Amelia and Michaela soak up breathtaking Oregon and Washington scenery.

Timm Locke visits Wisconsin: Timm Locke took a trip to the Midwest recently to meet his first Grandchild. While in our neighborhood, Timm made stops to the Madison, Muscoda and Westby locations to work closely with our teams to drive the business in new and exciting ways.

Current Events in the Wood World and WholeTrees in the News

IslandWood : As an environmental education nonprofit, IslandWood believes there are many paths to creating a more sustainable and equitable world. Thanks in part to stunning timber from Port Blakely Tree Farms and from the minds at Mithun, the project aims to serve kids and site, inspire students of all ages and serve as a Green Pioneer as one of the first LEED Gold certified projects in the world.

Wisconsin State Journal Covers Madison Children's Museum Install: Installation of the Madison Children's' Museum's Wounderground Structure was a sight to see in downtown Madison this July. One of many visitors to the install site was Wisconsin State Journal. Check out this article and stunning images by Kayla Wolf at the State journal. The article features a short video complete with installation shots and interviews with prominent team members that made this project a reality. 

Greenbuild 2021While many of the WholeTrees teams are traveling and exhibiting at Tradeshows across the United States this summer, the team is also working diligently behind the scenes to bring you some special announcements at Greenbuild this year. Will we see you there?

Design Contest: WholeTrees sales team ends a sales meeting zoom with the announcement of our own internal design contest. Innovation stems from the need for creative solutions, and WholeTrees teams are working behind the scenes to design an interactive and fun exhibit for Orangutans. Will we create the impossible? With this team, anything is possible!

Masstimbermap.com: Taking a close look at this incredible resource for the Mass Timber movement and we can see WholeTrees listed among other categories of mass timber. The SRT product category even features an in-depth article written by our own CEO/Co-founder, Amelia Baxter, and VP of Strategic Initiatives, Michaela Harms. The site also features an interactive map for products and services in Mass Timber. 

Biden Visits La Crosse and meets Mayor Mitch Reynolds, formerly of WholeTrees: Our Operations Manager-turned Mayor of La Crosse, Mitch Reynolds, recently mingled with POTUS, Joe Biden! Biden’s American Jobs Plan sits on Mayor Mitch’s immediate priority list as well, and having run our Westby, WI facility, Mitch knows what it means to create jobs. WholeTrees is proud to be a job creator in rural Wisconsin, where up to 65% of our contract revenue funnels back to economically disadvantaged rural communities. We’re also real proud of Mayor Mitch.

MHA Interpretive Center Finished Reel from Danger Bird Productions: We've celebrated and shared the success of the MHA Interpretive Center's installation and grand opening, but check out this stunning video tour of the completed project, below. Thanks again to all the teams that worked so hard to make the dream a reality.