WholeTrees April/May 2021 Update


Madison Children's Museum: WholeTrees is currently working with Design Coalition to construct a playscape at the Madison Children’s Museum, which will include several platform structures built out of locally-harvested tree columns that are woven together by ramps, climbing structures, and custom staircases.

Architect: Design Coalition
Engineer: Engineering Ventures

Smithsonian Zoo Climbing Tower: This structure has been designed with enrichment in mind for four 500 pound gorillas.

*Drawing credit: Engineering Ventures

Architect: WholeTrees
Engineer: Engineering Ventures
Engineer: KPFF

Childrens' Museum of Eau Claire: WholeTrees has partnered with Steinberg Hart and KPFF to create a two-story structural round timber system for the Eau Claire Children’s Museum. The structure will be composed of our engineered bowstring truss and girders carried by a mix of 15’ and 30’ WholeTree ash columns. Construction for this project is set to begin late 2021. Pictured here is Sam Anderson, Architectural Project Manager, at our inventory facility peeling and scanning the Ash trees that will be used in this project.

Architect: Steinberg Hart
GC: Market&Johnson
Engineer: ERA
Engineer: KPFF

Lakeside Custom Home: These renderings are for a private residence still in design in MN. These stunning images are from Jim Vincent Designs.

Architect: Jim Vincent Designs


Franklin Park Zoo: The WholeTrees fabrication team has begun the sourcing, processing, and preliminary fabrication for the interior elements and enrichment trees to be delivered and installed to the Franklin Park Zoo this summer.

Architect: PJA
GC: Columbia Construction Company
Engineer: Engineering Venture

Hitchcock Tresses: 


Lincoln Park Zoo: WholeTrees has completed the fabrication for the trees that will be installed at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. Jesse, one of our production veterans, visited the installation site recently at the Lincoln Park Zoo, in Chicago, IL.

Architect: PJA
GC: COST of Wisconsin
Engineer: Engineering Ventures

Finish Shots

MHA Amphitheater: The Interpretive Center for the MHA  Nations is completed and slated for Grand Opening on May 19, 2021. 

Architect: DSGW Architecture
GC: (Link to GC): Woodstone Inc.
Engineer: Engineering Ventures

Houston Zoo: The new Pantanal exhibit at the Houston Zoo is completed and a stunning example of the South American flora and fauna in their natural environment. WholeTree's team will be traveling to see the exhibit in June 2021.


AIA Wisconsin 2021 Virtual Conference: Amelia presents at AIA WI conference. Traveling for events has looked differently in 2020-2021, but our Sales Team is almost back on the road!

Architect: DSGW Architecture
GC: (Link to GC): Woodstone Inc.
Engineer: Engineering Ventures

East Coast Engineering Summit: Outstanding turnout for our East Coast engineering summit.

Current Events in the Wood World and WholeTrees in the News

Studio Ludo has come to our attention with their love of organic texture and their creative use of trees as structure and ambience.

MHA Interpretive Center had a beautiful orchestrated opening ceremony on May 19th, honoring the traditions of the MHA Nations in a stunning location. Pictured above are the opening ceremony images captured by attendees, DSGW Architecture and more. The opening was a huge success and we are honored to be part of the project.

Arch Daily Magazine published an in-depth and easy to understand article regarding carbon sequestration, what it is and where we are headed towards sustainable building products.

First Nations Longhouse, Vancouver BC recently came to our attention as a striking example of a heavy timber structure. The First Nations Longhouse relects Indigenous Peoples’ long history and cultural practice of using wood in community buildings where artists and ceremonies keep traditions alive. The design combines traditional wood construction techniques of the Coast Salish peoples with contemporary architectural forms