WholeTrees® Structural Products

WholeTrees Structural Products are pre-engineered wood components made from unmilled round timbers, an abundant by-product of sustainable forest management. WholeTrees utilizes 4″-24″ diameter trees that are 50% stronger than their milled lumber counterparts. WholeTrees engineered products include cost-competitive columns, beams, and truss assemblies as sustainable and aesthetic alternatives to steel, concrete or milled lumber. Product packages come with designed steel connections, PE stamped shop drawings, and easy installation guidelines.

WholeTrees’ standardized production processes, installation packages, and warranties limit risk for general contractors without impact from the fluctuating embodied energy and energy prices that impact the competition. The round timber structural products are also well-received by designers, contractors, and end-users alike due to their ease of integration with other building materials, LEED and LBC building standard credits, and unmatched aesthetic appeal. By drawing upon a decade of expertise to create strength and beauty from what would otherwise be considered an excess waste product by the conventional lumber industry, the advantages of WholeTrees products stand out over the competition.

Benefits of WholeTrees:

  • Carbon-negative, renewable, and non-toxic
  • Sourced from sustainably managed forests
  • Type II, III, IV, and V construction
  • Heavy Timber classification in the IBC
  • ASTM standard compliant
  • Installation services, nationwide

Beams & Columns


WholeTrees® Beams & Columns

WholeTrees Beams and Columns are pre-engineered round timber structural components that provide strength and beauty. Our products can be integrated into a wide variety of structural systems and generally range from 4”-24” in diameter. Round timbers have a weight-to-strength ratio comparable to steel, making WholeTrees Beams and Columns an ideal substitute for conventional building materials in structural applications.

Our expert team can source a variety of soft and hardwood species to fit any project from well-managed FSC® certified forests in Wisconsin, or even from the project site with additional consultation. Stunning WholeTrees beams and columns bring a unique sense of wonder to any structure and can be utilized in both interior and exterior building applications. WholeTrees’ engineered steel connections are familiar and allow for easy install by our crew or yours.

BEAMS    –  Service up to 24’ on center
RAFTERS    –  Service up to 8’ on center
COLUMNS    –  Service up to 30’ heights

Pre-Engineered Trusses


WholeTrees® Pre-Engineered Trusses

Fabricated for both interior and exterior service, the unique character and striking appearance of WholeTrees trusses makes them particularly cost effective. Round timber trusses can be custom-designed for your project’s needs, or you can select from a variety of configurations including King, Queen, Wing, or Parallel Chord.

WholeTrees trusses embody an elegant confluence of nature and technology, and their remarkable strength is always complemented by their visual impact. Our trusses convey drama, monumentality, and emphasize strong brand identities for retail, office, manufacturing, recreational, and warehouse applications.

TRUSSES – Service up to 60’ spans

Custom Engineered Assemblies


WholeTrees® Custom Engineered Assemblies

WholeTrees designs, engineers, and installs custom assemblies entirely comprised of round timbers. Both structural and sculptural, these systems bring dynamism to a building‘s visual identity.

WholeTrees assemblies sequester a significant amount of CO2 and have lower embodied energy than conventional structural systems. Our supply chain includes straight, curved, and arched timbers, allowing for a wide variety of geometries to inspire the imagination. We provide expert assistance in design, code compliance, and PE-stamped engineering documents for our assemblies.

WholeTrees assemblies include:

  • Integrated structural systems
  • Event canopies & bandshells
  • Playscapes
  • Pergolas & shade structures
  • Carports

Decorative Trees


WholeTrees® Decorative Trees

WholeTrees Decorative Trees serve as sculptural pieces that demonstrate a commitment to the environment and an appreciation for natural beauty. Decorative trees make a stunning centerpiece for an office lobby, government building, hospital waiting area, shopping center atrium, or other focal space creating a healthy and natural environment.

Each stunningly unique, these elements can make an unforgettable statement of mission and values within your space. 50% carbon and 100% delight, decorative trees can be sourced to specification or directly from the project site with additional consultation.