Franklin Park Zoo Gorilla Grove Exhibit

WholeTrees Education/Institution, Zoos

Completed: 2022Location: Santa Clarita, CA Franklin Park Zoo: The Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, Massachusetts, enrichment trees, or trees with fabricated branching designed to carry the load of adult gorillas. In addition to these fabricated trees, WholeTrees is also producing interior wood wraps and a prominent structural column at the viewing shelter for this exhibit *Image Credit: WholeTrees Enrichment Tree Concept …

Naytahwaush Health Center

WholeTrees Education/Institution, Event Spaces/Pavilions, Interiors

Estimated Completion: Spring 2022Location: Naytahwaush, MN  WholeTrees is proud to partner with DSGW Architects to produce an entrance structure and interior atrium installation for the White Earth Nation’s health center in Naytahwaush, MN.   Architect: DSGWGC: White Earth BuildersEngineer: Engineering Ventures

MHA Nation Interpretive Center

WholeTrees Education/Institution, Event Spaces/Pavilions, Interiors, Recent

Completed: 2021Location: New Town, ND The MHA Interpretive Center in New Town, ND is a collaborative space created for the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation. The Affiliated Tribes desired a space where they could use living history to tell the story of the Great MHA Nation. The Interpretive Center’s purpose is to offer ongoing development and sustain the unique educational …

Living Desert Zoo

WholeTrees Education/Institution, Event Spaces/Pavilions, Zoos

Completed: 2021Location: Palm Desert, CA WholeTrees applaud the zoo’s leadership for walking the talk, choosing a regenerative structural system for their Crossroads of Conservation exhibit expansion. Doug Fir from our forestry partners, Port Blakely, are showcased in a stunning structures shown here. Architect: GLMV ArchitectureGC: D.W. Johnston ConstructionEngineer: KPFF Seattle

Children’s Museum of Eau Claire

WholeTrees Commercial/Retail, Education/Institution, Event Spaces/Pavilions

Estimated Completion- 2022Location: Eau Claire, WI A true project of innovation and collaboration, this structure will be composed of trees from Port Blakely, one of our forestry partners and donor of Douglas Fir trees that will be featured in the Children’s Museum of Eau Claire. WholeTrees has partnered with Steinberg Hart and KPFF to create a two-story structural round timber …

Burkett Farm

WholeTrees Commercial/Retail, Event Spaces/Pavilions

Completed: 2021Location: Cary, NC Burkett Farm: WholeTrees is proud to supply sustainably harvested black locust trusses for the Burkett Farm outside Cary, North Carolina. The mission of the farm is to provide a gathering space that provides a learning and educational environment for strengthening local food systems. Architect: REdesign.buildGC: REdesign.buildEngineer: KPFF Seattle

San Diego Zoo Wildwood Park

WholeTrees Landscapes/Playscapes, Zoos

Completed: 2021 Location: San Diego, CA This nature playscape features climbing logs, balance beams, log bridges, and a large climbing tree “bouquet” that connects to a bridge. 3D scanning helped align design and product for a very unique piece with specific design requirements. Collaboration with engineers and the landscape architects determined final rotation, branch length, angle, and height. This bouquet …

AVA Hollywood

WholeTrees Commercial/Retail, Interiors

Completed: 2020 Location: Santa Clarita, CA This sculptural beauty tree will be a focal point in the entrance of an apartment building in Los Angeles. A steel, swiveling base will elevate the branches, and the entire tree will be lit from below. What a dynamic statement and interesting use of natural materials for. We love biophilic design. Architect: GroundLevel Landscape …

Jewish Community Center

WholeTrees Conceptual, Event Spaces/Pavilions

Completed: 2021 Location: Whitefish Bay, WI The Harry and Rose Samson Family Jewish Community Center of Milwaukee, collaborating with Manske•Dieckmann•Thompson has asked WholeTrees to envision a magical amphitheater pavilion for their upcoming stage at the Rainbow Day Camp. This 3D rendering of the WholeTrees truss system with pre engineered round timber trusses and columns shows our vision to help performers …

Iowa Governor’s Mansion

WholeTrees Education/Institution, Event Spaces/Pavilions

Completed: 2020 Location: Des Moines, IA The pool house at the Iowa Governor’s Mansion is being restored to its former glory. WholeTrees is excited to be part of the restoration process and will be providing all of the black locust timbers to reconstruct this beautiful outdoor space. Precise measurements were taken of the existing original stone structure and 3D renderings …