Shapiro Stairs by Aaron Laux Design

Kyle Interiors, Residential

Completed: 2017 Location: Riverwood, IL The Tree House Stair was a collaborative project that brought together the interdisciplinary talents of architects, builders, contractors, and the homeowner to create the finished product: a functional sculpture integrated into the architecture of the home. Each piece of wood and metal was fabricated and installed by hand. For this project, Aaron Laux Design collaborated …

Morton Building: Don’s Stall Barn

Kyle Event Spaces/Pavilions, Residential

Completed: 2016 Location: Lonedell, MO WholeTrees supplied pre engineered wood trusses and branching round timber columns on behalf of Morton Building, Inc. for this stall barn and living quarters. The biophilic shapes add character to this equestrian facility. WholeTrees columns, beams and trusses are available for Morton Building Inc. nationwide. Architect: Morton Buildings GC: Morton Buildings Engineer: General Engineering Company

Underhill Residence

Kyle Residential

Completed: 2013 Location: Ridgeway, WI How local is ultra-local? The Underhill residence was sculpted from the surrounding landscape. Its round timber structural system was sourced entirely from the adjoining 40 acres of forest, and its millwork came from local mills rather than lumber yards. The interior flooring and exterior stonework came from local limestone quarries, and its straw bale walls …

Giles Residence

Kyle Residential

Completion Year: 2013 Location: La Farge, WI Located in picturesque Vernon County, Wisconsin, the Giles residence considers sustainability in every detail. Drawing on the talents of skilled local artisans, the round timber structure supports other environmentally friendly features such as locally sourced millwork, high-performance insulation, a green roof, an efficient masonry stove, a photovoltaic array, energy efficient windows and doors, …

Locher Garage & Studio

Kyle Residential

Completed: 2013 Location: Cedarburg, WI WholeTrees provided a structural system for this elegantly detailed garage and studio space added onto a single-family home. At home in a palette of tactile and high-integrity materials, WholeTrees branching columns and round timber bents support both levels of the building. Architect: Robert Bleck Architects GC: 12 Gauge

La Crosse Addition

Kyle Residential

Completed: 2012 Location: La Crosse, WI This home addition adds whimsical beauty and practical space. The branching trees throughout provide structure for the expanded space and bring the incredible nature of the Driftless inside. Architect: WholeTrees Structures GC: WholeTrees Structures Engineer: SCL Consulting

Albertson Residence

Kyle Residential

Completed: 2010 Location: Potosi, Wisconsin The Albertson Residence’s graceful branched tree columns and cambered shed roof showcase the incredible range of round timber framing. With a passive solar design and wall panels prefabricated from salvaged materials, this home’s elegance is rooted in simple efficiencies and biophilic design. Architect: WholeTrees Structures GC: WholeTrees Structures

Kara Woods Residence

Kyle Residential

Completed: 2010 Location: Willard, WI This residence for nuns at a Franciscan spiritual retreat uses intricate branched timber construction to support a thickly insulated living roof, and employs a passive solar design. Architect: WholeTrees Structures GC: WholeTrees Structures Engineer: SCL Consulting

Philadelphia Greenhouse

Kyle Landscapes/Playscapes, Residential

Completed: 2010 Location: Osceola, WI This greenhouse at Philadelphia Community Farm is used to start plants for its CSA fields. The structural system is built with black locust timbers, whose rot-resistant qualities are especially useful since greenhouse humidity fluctuates and condensation could potentially corrode less hardy species. Architect: WholeTrees Structures

Bookend Residence

Kyle Residential

Completed: 2007 Location: Stoddard, Wisconsin The passive-solar and off-grid two-story house features a hydronic solar heating tube set in concrete and curtain wall system that incorporates recycled 8’x8′ hardwood shipping pallets. The Bookend Residence is located at Driftless Farm and the forest land where WholeTrees began. This place and these trees have served as an inspiration for WholeTrees growth. Architect: …