National Gateway

Kyle Commercial/Retail, Landscapes/Playscapes, Recent

Completed: 2020 Location: Arlington, VA This mixed use building sits on the Potomac River in Arlington, VA and features over 1,500 new residential units, 625 hotel rooms, over 2 million square feet of office space, and nearly 250,000 square feet of retail, including a grocery store. A focus on open, public spaces including parks was a large part of this …

Minnesota Zoo Tiger Lair

Kyle Education/Institution, Event Spaces/Pavilions, Recent, Zoos

Completed: 2020 Location: Apple Valley, MN This cantilevered commercial shade structure will enhance the zoo’s updated Tiger Lair. Branching black locust columns support black locust beams and rafters for this 300 square-foot structure. A steel tension rod complements the structural round timber bringing the vision to reality. Architect: Damon Farber GC: WholeTrees Structures Engineer:  Engineering Ventures

La Crosse Riverside Park Bandshell

Kyle Event Spaces/Pavilions, Landscapes/Playscapes, Recent

Completed: 2020 Location: LA Crosse, WI WholeTrees worked with Roald Gundersen Design to create the structural timber construction for the Riverside Bandshell for which local Rotary clubs have spent the last several years fundraising. This high profile project incorporates massive oak columns and beams as well as 45’ red pine rafters which will form the base structure for the roof …

La Crosse Eagle Viewing Platform

Kyle Landscapes/Playscapes, Recent

Completed: 2019 Location: La Crosse, WI As you enter the town of LaCrosse, WI, this 5’ eagle will greet you from atop a towering White Oak, with wings spread in welcome. We were excited for this local project and love the results. Welcome to LaCrosse. Architect: City of La Crosse GC: WholeTrees Structures Engineer: SCL Consulting

Blackhawk Church

Kyle Commercial/Retail, Interiors, Recent

Completed: 2019 Location: Fitchburg, WI This beautiful, single decorative tree column makes quite the statement in childrens’ area at Blackhawk Church in Fitchburg, WI. The bench surrounding the base adds to the inviting yet playful vibe, and bring biophilic design into the space. Designer: Interior Logic GC: Newcomb Construction

Columbus Zoo – Elephant Shade

Kyle Recent, Zoos

Completed: 2019 Location: Columbus, OH We updated our elephant shade canopy design – both its aesthetic and structure. The first version, which you can find installed at Maryland Zoo, features a round timber roof on partially timber-wrapped steel columns. This structure gives the elephants a break from the sun while allowing the public continuous views as the elephants relax in …

Philadelphia Zoo Gorilla Climbing Structure

Kyle Landscapes/Playscapes, Recent, Zoos

Completed: 2019 Location: Philadelphia, PA Gorillas living under human care don’t always have as many climbing opportunities as their cousins in Africa, so Whole Trees is proud to have designed, engineered, fabricated and installed an all natural climbing structure for the gorilla families at The Philadelphia Zoo, to help them feel more at home. Built from Black Locust and White …

Lake Olathe Nature Playground

Kyle Landscapes/Playscapes, Recent

Completed: 2019 Location: Olathe, KS WholeTrees worked closely with Learning Landscapes who designed an amazing climbing tower for a nature playground in Kansas. The combination of black locust columns and bright blue steel rings give this playscape a playful and adventurous feel while honoring the true beauty of the natural tree form. Additional features such as water tables and a …

Skamania Lodge Riverview Pavilion

Kyle Event Spaces/Pavilions, Landscapes/Playscapes, Recent

Completed: 2019 Location: Stevenson, WA Located in the stunning Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, the Riverview Pavilion at Skamania Lodge is an extraordinary shade canopy for exceptional meetings, weddings, and events. Designed by MG2, the pavilion provides cover for a 2,500 square foot space to take-in the river, mountains, forests, and wildlife. Architect: MG2 GC: Invision II LLC Engineer: …