La Crosse Eagle Viewing Platform

Kyle Landscapes & Playscapes

Completed: 2019 Location: La Crosse, WI As you enter the town of LaCrosse, WI, this 5’ eagle will greet you from atop a towering White Oak, with wings spread in welcome. We were excited for this local project and love the results. Welcome to LaCrosse. Engineer: SCL Consulting

Philadelphia Zoo Gorilla Climbing Structure

Kyle Landscapes & Playscapes, Zoos

Gorillas living under human care don’t always have as many climbing opportunities as their cousins in Africa, so Whole Trees is proud to have designed, engineered, fabricated and installed an all natural climbing structure for the gorilla families at The Philadelphia Zoo, to help them feel more at home. Built from Black Locust and White Oak, and engineered connections by …

Skamania Lodge Riverview Pavilion

Kyle Event Spaces & Pavilions, Landscapes & Playscapes

Location: Stevenson, Washington Completion Year: 2019 Located in the stunning Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, the Riverview Pavilion at Skamania Lodge is an extraordinary space for exceptional meetings and events. Designed by MG2, the pavilion provides cover for a 4,500 square foot space to take-in the river, mountains, forests, and wildlife.