WholeTrees, Town of Ashland and Seven Islands working to Reopen Ashland Mill

  Daniel LaMontagne of Seven Islands Land Company will retain ownership of the mill, which WholeTrees® Structures will lease. Original #MassTimber will hire people to staff the mill and work with WholeTrees to run the operation.   Read More about The Work in Maine Here

MHA Interpretive Center Grand Opening

  “The MHA Interpretive Center will serve as a gathering place and cultural book mark for the people of the MHA Nation. Guests lined up for tours of the new interpretive center, and said they couldn’t be prouder to see their culture on display.”   Read More about the Grand Opening Here

Architectural Record features WholeTrees in its January Edition

Blakely Elementary School, Bainbrige Island, WA ”Resembling a human arm, a tree-trunk porch-support column ushers children into the Blakely Elementary School. Its smooth, bark-less surface begs to be touched by students…” Read the Article on Architectural Record’s Website

STRUCTURE Magazine features WholeTrees in its June edition

The Future of Structural Round Timber ‘The most optimal market value of a timber thinning is when it is used as Structural Round Timber in place of other high-margin mass timber and steel alternatives in commercial construction.’ Read the Article Invasive Species as a Hot Commodity – WholeTrees Contributes to Scale ‘The most optimal market value of a timber thinning …

Autodesk Redshift features WholeTrees project in Lake Oswego, OR

Inspired Design Give Trees a New Life ‘When the construction of a new middle school near Portland, OR, called for the removal of a number of trees on-site, the project team came up with a sustainable—and striking—solution: Repurpose the tree trunks as structural columns throughout the building. Construction giant Skanska, Pacific Northwest firm Mahlum Architects, and Madison, WI-based company WholeTrees …

ARCHITECT Magazine features WholeTrees in its May edition

Invasive Species as a Hot Commodity – WholeTrees Contributes to Scale ‘Whole timbers are the original mass timber’, Baxter says. Standard mass timber products such as CLT, she adds, typically require a ‘predictable, non-variable tree, meaning monocropped agriculture, so it still points to a paradigm of mining an agricultural resource.’ Read the Article Invasive Species as a Hot Commodity – …

WholeTrees is smartly repurposing timber across the Midwest

Wisconsin-based design and construction company WholeTrees Structures finds both architectural opportunity and environmental advantage in designing and building with intact tree trunks that would otherwise be used for firewood or pulp… Read the Article

Living Future Trim Tab

FINDING PURPOSE THROUGH COLLABORATIVE SUSTAINABLE DESIGN + CONSTRUCTION “WholeTrees visited the site with our Faro M70 laser scanner to scan and create 3D images of each tree. Using the data generated from 3D scanning, we made digital models of the trees which Mahlum incorporated into its Revit renderings. We also collected important structural data for analysis by KPFF Consulting Engineers”… …

Designing the Near Future: Where Ideas, Solutions, and Actions Come Together

Where Ideas, Solutions, and Actions Come Together “In addition to the curated conversation, we hosted an activation throughout the event with Autodesk Revit customer WholeTrees Structures. Their 10-year-old business uses 3D scanning and insights to design and construct whole timber structures from sustainably-managed forests…” Read the Article

Architects unveil plans for Lakeridge Junior High

A Focus on Flexible Learning Spaces, Equity, and Sustainability “A company surveyed all the branches and did a structural evaluation,” Berndt said. “The ones we had to take down because of the location of the school, we are able to give them a second life.” Read the Article