Expanding the Architectural Prospects of Timber in Its Natural Form

“Through design, the use of trunks or branches of trees in their entirety can accentuate their innate mechanical properties for structural sustainability. Although these practices are fairly absent in contemporary building techniques, new technological innovations expand the prospects of timber construction in architecture.” – ArchDailyRead the article on ArchDaily

A mill in Maine, similar to a mill that might be used for WholeTrees.

Ashland Receives $500,000 in Grants to Help Develop a Wood Products Mill

“The $1 million in new investment will support the ramp-up of a facility in the Ashland area to fabricate structural round timber. The money will support salaries, recruitment, training and some operating costs for manufacturing the timbers. Structural round timber is a slightly modified, natural tree trunk used for support beams, trusses, columns and other assemblies like playgrounds, according to …

Tree Trunks Fill Demand for Climate-Friendly Wood Products

“A company that processes whole tree trunks into structural elements for open-air buildings is the latest entrant in the growing field of climate-friendly wood building products.”Read the Article on Green Maine Homes

WholeTrees, Town of Ashland and Seven Islands working to Reopen Ashland Mill

  Daniel LaMontagne of Seven Islands Land Company will retain ownership of the mill, which WholeTrees® Structures will lease. Original #MassTimber will hire people to staff the mill and work with WholeTrees to run the operation.  Read More about The Work in Maine Here

Governor Mills Announces $14 Million in Maine Jobs & Recovery Grants Awarded to Maine Forestry Companies

WholeTrees Awarded $1M in Grant Funding for MaineRead the Full Pres Release Here

The new Children’s Museum of Eau Claire demonstrates the innovative benefits of Structural Round Timber application

‘The two-story, 24,000-square-foot building was designed by Steinberg Hart in collaboration with KPFF and an extensive team of timber engineering experts, fabricators, and forest product companies. One such firm to help bring this project to life is Madison, Wisconsin-based WholeTrees Structures. The woman-owned national timber products company aims to “improve the economic viability between healthily managed forests and the rural communities” that surround them. ‘Read the Article

MHA Interpretive Center Grand Opening

  “The MHA Interpretive Center will serve as a gathering place and cultural book mark for the people of the MHA Nation. Guests lined up for tours of the new interpretive center, and said they couldn’t be prouder to see their culture on display.”  Read More about the Grand Opening Here

Architectural Record features WholeTrees in its January Edition

Blakely Elementary School, Bainbrige Island, WA ”Resembling a human arm, a tree-trunk porch-support column ushers children into the Blakely Elementary School. Its smooth, bark-less surface begs to be touched by students…”Read the Article on Architectural Record’s Website

STRUCTURE Magazine features WholeTrees in its June edition

The Future of Structural Round Timber’The most optimal market value of a timber thinning is when it is used as Structural Round Timber in place of other high-margin mass timber and steel alternatives in commercial construction.’Read the Article