WholeTrees Brings Structural Round Timber to the Children’s Museum of Eau Claire

The Madison, Wisconsin–based, women-owned enterprise and B Corp aims to provide a restorative model for the commercial construction industry.”Mass and cross-laminated timber are all the rage in sustainable architecture. But generally wood building products are milled into precise blanks for use in construction. Amelia Baxter, CEO and cofounder of WholeTrees Structures, has a better idea.”Read More on MetropolisMag.com

What is good wood? Form Follows Forest

WholeTrees Structures used 3D scanning and minimal manual processing to turn these trees into primary structural columns.”In this masterful application of systems thinking and frugal design, the design team used trees that would have otherwise been processed into wood chips or firewood as columns in place of high embodied carbon steel or concrete”Read  More on Passive House Accelerator

Structural Engineering Excellence Awards – Structure Magazine

Structure Magazine announces the Structural Engineering Excellence awards winnersCongratulations to the 2023 SEE Award Winners! Structure of the Year goes to Children’s Museum of Eau Claire by KPFF Consulting Engineers & ERA Structural Egineering in collaboration with WholeTrees and Steinberg HartRead more on Structure Magazine

WholeTrees Reopens Shuttered Aroostook County Mill

“In addition to creating jobs, the venture in Ashland, a town of about 1,200, is expected to bring new life to a facility that’s been closed for six years. It will also expand the forest products industry with goods that are new to Maine.”Read the article on BangorDailyNews.com

FDR Park & WholeTrees featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer

“The playground is unconventional. There are log scrambles and a mega oval-shaped swing set, so swingers face each other — the first of its kind in North America.” – from “At FDR Park’s new playground, designers say being a little scared is kind of the point”Read more about FDR Park at TheInquirer.com

Purpose Before Profit – Authority Magazine Interview with Amelia Baxter

Interview with Chad Silverstein from Authority Magazine”A purpose-driven company attracts and supports retention of talent motivated by purpose as well as a whole community of clients and investors.” Read Amelia’s Interview on Medium.com

KPFF, in Partnership with WholeTrees Structures, wins NCSEA “Outstanding Structure of the Year”

“The Structural Engineering Excellence Award signals the growing potential for the use of SRT in modern building design.  In addition to KPFF, the highly innovative building was a result of collaboration across multiple partners – from the visionary leaders at the museum, to world-renowned architecture firm Steinberg Hart, and WholeTrees Structures”Read More on the Press Announcement

Buildings Podcast: What is Structural Round Timber?

Structural round timber utilizes trees in their natural form for structural applications like columns, beams and trusses. Learn how you can use it in projects in this episode of the Buildings Podcast featuring WholeTrees CEO and Co-Founder Amelia Baxter. Listen to the Entire Podcast on Buildings.com

Exciting Sustainable Products from Greenbuild 2023 – Green Building and Design Magazine

“WholeTrees’ founding team brought CAD and BIM to the organic shapes of SRT and fabricated ground-breaking structural systems across the country to become an expert in engineering unmilled timber for commercial construction”Read More at Green Building and Design Magazine