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FINDING PURPOSE THROUGH COLLABORATIVE SUSTAINABLE DESIGN + CONSTRUCTION “WholeTrees visited the site with our Faro M70 laser scanner to scan and create 3D images of each tree. Using the data generated from 3D scanning, we made digital models of the trees which Mahlum incorporated into its Revit renderings. We also collected important structural data for analysis by KPFF Consulting Engineers”… …

Designing the Near Future: Where Ideas, Solutions, and Actions Come Together

Where Ideas, Solutions, and Actions Come Together “In addition to the curated conversation, we hosted an activation throughout the event with Autodesk Revit customer WholeTrees Structures. Their 10-year-old business uses 3D scanning and insights to design and construct whole timber structures from sustainably-managed forests…” Read the Article

WholeTrees July/August 2019 Update

Design Pokagon Moon Pavilion: By using 3D scans displayed in AutoCAD, we can verify that structural components, like these curved branches, will correctly connect to their bases and other connections. Here, these curved members rest on concrete footings and connect to a supporting circular glulam beam. Architect: Seven Generations A+EGC: CSM GroupEngineer: Engineering Ventures Hitchcock Nature Center: We travelled to Iowa to take 3D scans …

WholeTrees May/June 2019 Update

Design Pokagon Tribal Courts / Peacemaking Center: Seven Generations Architecture & Engineering was commissioned by the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi to design a cutting-edge native justice center to serve the Pokagon Band tribal members. Native justice is focused on healing the individual and healing the community as a whole. The Pokagon Band is developing an initiative to restore the spirit and …

WholeTrees April/May 2019 Update

Design Pokagon Sun & Moon Pavilion One great feature of building with trees is nature has already made some incredible designs for us to use. To get the right structural curved members for this pavilion, we used our laser scanner to create 3D models of naturally bent trees.  Seven Generations A+E architects have now placed our 3D models of the …

WholeTrees March 2019 Update

Design At WholeTrees, we innovate and we iterate. We develop new ways to do the unique work that we love doing and then we revisit, revise, and refine our designs. Columbus Zoo: We recently updated our elephant shade design – both its aesthetic and structure. The first version, which you can find installed at Maryland Zoo, features a round timber …

Architects unveil plans for Lakeridge Junior High

A Focus on Flexible Learning Spaces, Equity, and Sustainability “A company surveyed all the branches and did a structural evaluation,” Berndt said. “The ones we had to take down because of the location of the school, we are able to give them a second life.” Read the Article

Building The Next Economy With WholeTrees – LIFT

The built environment is filled with opportunities for trees “By raising equity investment for her company, attracting national executive talent, and pinpointing nascent urban markets for trees as structure, Baxter has participated in the growth of a truly conscious and regenerative company.” Listen to the Podcast

7Gen A&E Partners With WholeTrees

WholeTrees will share 3D digital models for BIM systems “We are truly honored to collaborate with Seven Generations A+E and foresee a long-term partnership whereby we delivery the greenest possible un-milled timber products to the larger tribal marketplace.” Read the Article

Fantastic B Corps: WholeTrees

WholeTrees works to build relationships with forests and communities “We were motivated to start WholeTrees by the profound wisdom of our forestland and learning lab in the driftless region of southwestern Wisconsin. WholeTrees builds prosperous relationships between forests and communities.” Read the Article